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Why List With Watkins Real Estate Solutions


The big difference between us and a "traditional" Realtor is that you don't have to pay the high fees for the services you traditionally receive. You can pay commissions as low as 3.9%!

With our 3.9% Listing Program we pride ourselves on our savings to our clients, prompt response time, availability and customer service. We are upfront and honest about our prices, no hidden fees. 
A discount price does not mean discount service!

★★No Up front Fees!

★★Large, quality For Sale post sign

★★Watkins Real Estate Solutions completes all necessary paperwork

★★Watkins Real Estate Solutions takes quality photos to showcase your home

★★Watkins Real Estate Solutions obtains showing feedback, schedules showings and will provide you with the activity reports

★★Watkins Real Estate Solutions will provide staging advice

★★We will complete a market analysis to determine your market position

★★You will have a personal full service Realtor to customize your marketing plan utilizing our marketing tools

★★Watkins Real Estate Solutions will list your home on the MLS and share it on social media for maximum exposure

★★Watkins Real Estate Solutions will promptly handle all negotiations of the sale

Save Thousands

You can save up to thousands by selling your property with Watkins Real Estate Solutions! We list you on the global marketplace, the MLS, which is the place that every Realtor and 96% of smart American consumers spend their time looking for a new property.

You get the benefits of a traditional high cost Realtor while eliminating the high cost.

Ready to Get Started? Click here or contact one of our agents for your Premium Full Service Listing!

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